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Our mission is to help rescued dogs and cats around the globe, by creating Unity and fostering Community. We recruit, educate and motivate Affiliates to generate residual Revenue for themselves… while at the same time drawing more attention to rescued pets. The objective is to create synergy. We also facilitate training workshops and networking Events worldwide. The goal is to liberate animal shelters financially and help speed up the adoption process.  ~ An EMPTY shelter is a GOOD one. YOU can help make that happen! ~

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This is not about charity. We don’t take donations!
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… to help speed up the adoption process….

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…by creating more PAWSynergy…

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We believe charity begins at the cash register…

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Our goal is to generate residual revenue for everyone…

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Anyone can do this, no matter where you live nor what you do for a living…



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You’ve probably arrived at this website… after reading a leaflet, noticed a poster, t-shirt and/or listened to someone telling you about how they are helping homeless cats and dogs around the world. They will have given you a PAWSerial #…

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PAWSerial numbers and QR codes help us keep track of how people got to know about PAWSynergy. It also enables us to calculate commissions owed to our affiliates. We show people how to make money for themselves… which in turn generates traffic to various websites that are designed to help speed up the adoption of rescued animals. Our success is your success, so we go out of our way to make it easy for you. It is free to join and we provide everything you need. You can use the very same products and services to further your own business and projects. We will never ask you for any donations. Personally, I believe charity starts at the cash register. Money makes the world go round and shelters need adequate funding to function efficiently. Our goal is to make animal shelters less dependent on charity and donations. Please come in and see exactly how we achieve this. We’ll help you make money, simply by creating more PAWSynergy. I will be your guide, every step of the way…

Herby Olschewski

Herby Olschewski

Founder & CEO

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