Why do we ask for your social ID?

Word of mouth is an effective way to get a message across. The value of which is invariably amplified by genuine enthusiasm and persuasive delivery. Our Ambassadors are catalysts for steady revenue.

PAWSynergy Ambassadors

  • Who is this position for?

    We are looking for proactive people to help build a global network of animal shelters, companies and individuals who care for our paw-legged friends. Finding and assisting animal shelters that rescue abandoned cats and dogs. Many of these organisations are hindered by inadequate technology platforms, crumbling buildings and general lack of funds. Most survive purely on donations. We believe charity begins at the cash register. By showing shelters how to generate residual revenue, they can become self-sufficient, and not rely on charity. The role of Ambassador is suited to those who have an affinity for pets and/or need to increase their income. If both apply to you, please consider becoming an Ambassador for this initiative. We give you full (free) access to everything we offer, so that you can understand how things work. Enabling you to enthuse others to come on board with us. It’s easy work and we supply everything you need to become a successful ambassador. No matter where you live, nor what you do for a living, anyone can represent and promote this initiative. It fits in seamlessly with whatever you already do, with no technical skills required. We’ll guide you every step of the way. This is an equal opportunity for everyone, anywhere.

  • What will you be doing?

    Your mission is to spread the word and be a good spokesperson. Using a comprehensive suite of online tools and offline strategies, with all efforts digitally tracked. Encouraging new users and membership upgrades, in a sincere, professional manner. Nothing to buy nor sell. Simply be a reliable messenger, and the online systems do the rest.

  • Where is the place of work?

    We are primarily remote. That means you can work from anywhere, as long as you have good access to the ‘Net. There are offices planned for Cape Town; South Africa, Shoreham; England, Turin and Venice; Italy. Should you be nearby, there will always be a hotdesk for you. These cities are also the geographic venues, where we meet from time to time, keeping human interaction alive. Use the offices, as and when needed. Good coffee always brewing.

  • When can you get involved?

    That’s up to you. We are never in a rush to fill a vacancy. The positions are taken up, when the right person comes along. That journey begins, when you submit your application. You WILL receive a reply, explaining everything we do. Yes, there are a few tasks to perform, but the lesser of two evils. The other is to just sit and wait for a reply that never comes. We respect your time and effort to apply, and we reciprocate with an opportunity for you to prove your work ethic. Suave charisma is secondary to actual results. The success of your application depends on YOU.

  • Why we don’t need your CV?

    Undoubtedly you have a fabulous résumé. However, it serves a lesser purpose here. We’re only interested in what we can do (together) going forward. Academic degrees don’t mean much around here. Experience does count, and whatever you’ve done in the past, can surely be used in the future. Apply what you know, and grow exponentially.

How much money will I earn?

This is a commission only position, with unlimited earnings possible. The basic commission percentage is 20% to 50% depending on performance. Individual results may vary, in accordance with personal effort. Your success is relative.

  • Requirements:
    – There are no technical skills required. Nothing to buy, nor sell.
    – It would be beneficial to have good social media awareness.
  • Work schedule:
    – There are no fixed working days and/or hours.
    – Ambassadors are in control of their own time.
  • Important to note:
    – It’s a
    contractor/freelance position, remote only.
    – Use your own connection, laptop and/or desktop.
    – You are responsible for all your local income taxes.
    – Our business relationship is revised every FIVE years.
  • Payment process flow:
    – Once a month, you will need to submit an invoice via FreshBooks.
    – We pay via Wise, or Stripe, N26, Revolut/PrivateRevolut/Business.

Ambassadors will use these tools:


Application Process

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