Alda Lima

I’m a Brazilian native, English Portuguese translator and interpreter with 12 years of experience, 50 books translated, and over 1,500 hours of on-site interpreting work. I also do proofreading, localization, transcriptions, and write book reviews/reports.

I have a background in arts, fashion, and communication, and I volunteer for Mercy for Animals, Ted Translators, and NGO Olhar Animal. I love to travel and I am currently studying travel writing. I wrote about my journey as a freelancer and working remotely while traveling the world.

So it’s been a year since the madness started and somehow it feels like nothing has changed, but A LOT has changed. My ‘now’ has been staying low-key and wrapping up projects. I completed the book I was translating in the last semester of 2020.

Added some very final touches to a book I worked on early-mid last year, which in turn wraps up a project I started working on in December 2018. Excited for it to come out. Also, I guess I can say I reached the 50 translated books mark (even though a part of it was written in Portuguese, so I didn’t translate the entire book)!

​​I am still learning French and still feeling like a caveman who can speak single words but not quite put together an entire sentence lol. I also completed a Reiki Level 1 training and initiation course (remotely, ofc) and am now Reiki certified.

I am trying to enjoy the little things, like a very rare outing to Rio’s Botanical Garden (accidentally picked a lovely 113ºF day, sweet lord), and being in awe of this Sumaúma tree (a personal favorite of Tom Jobim, who would visit the place every day and sit by this exact tree).

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