Malcata Animal Association

We are a small, previously self funded animal rescue located near Penamacor, Portugal. We rescue, rehabilitate, sterilise, and vaccinate dogs who have been lost or abandoned. Our aim is to get them to good health, and then find new homes for them.

Natasha Elisia Roger’ mum poured every part of her soul into the mission of rescuing animals, to make sure they had a safe place to live and ensure they were fed, she spent so many years tirelessly and selflessly working with animals everyone else seemed to given up on to make sure they ended up in a loving and caring forever home. Her biggest ambition was to set up her own rescue and in the past year she reached that incredible goal with Malcata Animal Association Portugal.

Unfortunately, she will never get a chance to see the fruit of her labours due to tragically passing on Wednesday 4th September 2019. Her family want to keep her dream alive and make her proud.

Penamacor, PortugalGreater Europe,Global

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