All pet owners would agree: Pets are part of our family. We wish them all the best: sweet sleep, delicious food and most importantly of all, good health! And this is where our story begins… Meet Elli and Ferdi, these two puppies have changed my life. I hope their story will inspire you as well. Both Ferdi and Elli suffered from diseases that no veterinarian could cure or even relieve their symptoms. Doctors suggested putting Ferdi to sleep and predicted a maximum of 2 more weeks for Elli. Frightened and frustrated, I tried to find other ways to fight for their lives. That’s how I discovered many healthy pet feeding communities around the world. I met my mentors from NASA, KetoPet Sanctuary and the University of Helsinki, who introduced me to the fundamental problem – excess sugar in pet food.

After learning the main reason why the health of pets all over the world is drastically declining (one out of two dogs suffers from cancer), I made the big decision to cook my own RAW food for my puppies. Wonder how it went? Well, Ferdinand lived for another four years, and Elli is still with us! Not just two of the predicted weeks, but almost three years! And it wasn’t stopping there. Together with the teachers, we did a lot of independent research, interacted with thousands of pet owners and thereafter created the ZENOO food recipe. It’s not only an organic meat/RAW food subscription for your beloved pet. We are developing an online school, organizing meetings and hosting many other pet-loving related activities. We wholeheartedly invite you to become a member of the ZENOO family.

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