Anyone can be a Heritage Ambassador. Help take our past into the future. Spread the word and generate revenue. Make heritage your business and earn with your passion for art and culture. is an umbrella organization for everything pertaining to our heritage and respective cultures. Providing a platform for Heritage Ambassadors, to help take our past into the future. We are a passionate community that is compiling a comprehensive global directory and cultural map. Facilitating networking, training, work opportunities, events and marketplace.

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A civil lawyer of great professional intuition, she comes from an important Piemontese family and divides her time between the Turin and Chieri associated study. Cristina is experienced in corporate law, providing legal services and consulting to companies, compliance programs about administrative and criminal liability, privacy, health and security at work. In the office of Via Amerigo Vespucci, an employment law attorney, a criminal law attorney and an accountant, they are part of her team. She spends one day a week pro bono at the Consumers Association to support those who cannot afford a lawyer. Avvocato civilista di grande intuizione professionale, proviene da un’antica famiglia piemontese e divide il suo tempo tra lo studio associato di Torino e Chieri. Grande esperienza in diritto societario, fornitura di servizi legali e consulenza alle aziende, programmi di conformità in materia di responsabilità amministrativa e penale, privacy, salute e sicurezza sul lavoro. Nell'ufficio di Via Amerigo Vespucci, un avvocato penalista e un commercialista, fanno parte della sua squadra. Dedica un giorno alla settimana pro bono all'Associazione Consumatori per sostenere chi non può permettersi un avvocato.

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Grandmother, benefactor, wife, Paola Thaon di Revel love flours and nature. Heritage is her background. She grew up in a family where military discipline was natural as well as the desire to have fun. Six sisters and one brother in a large villa "Cimena" and everyone came to visit and to parties: from Umberto I, to educated Americans, to the Bruni Tedeschi neighbors on the same hill. A life dedicated to her husband, Franco Reviglio and the 3 children with many removals and  travelling all over the world. Today the 7 grandchildren and her country house mark her intense days. Nonna, benefattrice, moglie, Paola Thaon di Revel ama i fiori e la natura. L'eredità è il suo background. È cresciuta in una famiglia in cui la disciplina militare era naturale così come il desiderio di divertirsi. Sei sorelle e un fratello in una grande villa "Cimena" e tutti venivano a visitare e alle feste: da Umberto I, agli americani istruiti, ai vicini Bruni Tedeschi sulla stessa collina di Torino. Una vita dedicata a suo marito, Franco Reviglio e ai 3 figli con molti traslochi e viaggi in tutto il mondo. Oggi i 7 nipoti e la sua casa di campagna segnano i suoi giorni intensi.

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Carolina enjoyed a carefree childhood in the Piemonte countryside. With many cousins and friends, the passion for culture was instilled from an early age. Surrounded by beauty and art in the family mansion Cimena, expertly curated by grandmother Carolina. On the paternal side of the family, her Venetian grandmother was equally influential. While traveling far and wide, Carolina feels most at home, in Venice. Schooled in Italy and the United States, lived in provinces throughout the length of Italy, Carolina considers herself truly Italian, with an international vision. "My country is rich in heritage, but poor in the pocket to keep it so. It saddens me to see so many buildings in a state of disrepair." She had honed the skills of renovation and interiors of historic buildings since 1987. Learning by trial and error, spurned on by failure and success, Carolina has grown and prospered. Now is the time to give back. Helping artisans of all disciplines to find work and ply their trade with pride. Matching projects to professionals and vice versa. "As Heritage Doyenne, my contribution to this initiative, is to encourage the participation of Heritage Ambassadors. This worthy cause is another avenue, to take our past into the future!"

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A product of South Africa, vintage ’63. On the ‘Net since 1982. Roaming the world since 1986. Jack of all trades, master of none. Techie, pilot, digital nomad. Can travel~live~work~anywhere.

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